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When is Dish going the fix the Hopper, program search feature, that doesn't work?

When is Dish going the fix the Hopper, program search feature, that doesn't work?
Barry asked this question 2 years ago
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    I also wanted to mention the Hopper has a priority over all other receivers as far as software updates and fixes are concerned. If I can get your email address I could send you an email when I get any updates on this at work. Please let me know if you want to do that.
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      As you probably know, there are a number of issues with the Dish Hopper system. The first and most aggravating is the search feature that does not work. With the new shows coming on in mid-season, that's a feature that everyone uses a lot. One more is the fact that the Hopper sometimes locks when trying to look up TV and DVD codes. A third is the fact that, went searching using the Game Find feature, the system only searches on the main Dish channels and not the local channels. Since many college games not playing on ESPN or one of the FOX sports channels are picked up on a local channel, you can miss the game pretty easy. Dish ignores those in the search. It looks to me like Dish pushed the Hopper because of the Direct TV system that was first on the scene. There are always glitches in new software but the Hopper has lots. Still, except for the price, it's an improvement over the HD one-receiver option Dish had before. Notify me at Hope things improve soon. Thanks - Barry
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      I understand your frustration with some of the unresolved glitches. I will check on the things you mention when I had back to work tomorrow. I will email you when I see any updates. - Jeff
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    The software team in charge of updating the software to fix the issue hasn't given a specific time. Just that a future complete software update will fix that function.

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    Barry, I'm sorry this has been a big issue. I go on this service call alot.. I know we r working on it & please call Dish at 1-800-333-3474 keep voicing ur complaint. It's the only way things seem to get done. Again I'm very sorry.
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    hang in there, the hopper is a constantly evolving unit. it's been growing and evolving since it came out last year. there will be new updates done constantly moving forward and one of those will include a fix. call 1800333dish and voice your frustration, it's a free call and maybe if done enough will light a fire

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