When are we going to get back channels CBS and Fox in Indian River, MI?

When are we going to get back channels
CBS and Fox in Indian River, MI? Evidently Dish is in dispute with Heritage
about the contract so we are not getting the Heritage channels.
Judy asked this question 4 years ago
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    Unfortunately there is no way we can determine that until a comprimise has been reached. Rest assured that we are doing everything to speed the negotiations as quickly as possible. One thing you can do is voice your concerns directly to your local stations. They are asking for ouragious increases and this is not something we are willing to pass on to our customers.

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    • J
      It was helpful to get a straight answer. I made the mistake of trying to ask the
      question via telephone. I ended up talking with a young man who was determined he was going to sell me a Home Security system. I asked to be connected to someone who could answer my question, but he wouldn't let up about the Security System and how much danger I was in without one. I then asked to speak to his manager who was, of course, unavailable. I told him he was being incorrigible and hung up. Thank you for your answer.
      incorrigible and I hung up.
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      Did you get his operator ID. If so forward that to me at joseph.roske@dishnetwork.com and I will follow up with his supervisor.
    • J
      Thank you for advising me of the settlement and your attentionto my concerns.
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      Anytime Judy. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
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    Good news as of today the contract between dish and the local company in michigan have.come to an agreement u should now have your channle fox and cbs we got a memo ob it today

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    If you just call 1800-333-3474 you will talk to a Dish rep that wont try to sell you anything. Ask to speak to the loy department and they will answer all your questions with no run around.