what is my LNBF?

what is my LNBF?
Cheryl asked this question 2 years ago
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    The LNBF (or Low Noise Block Feed) is that part of your satellite antenna system that sits out in front of the dish on an arm. It is the part that receives the signal from the satellite in space and feeds it to your receivers via coax cables. It looks much like a set of eyes or light bulbs, and there will be one, two, or three feedhorns on the unit, each covered with a permanently mounted white cap.

    If you are returning equipment, they will ask for the LNBF back, but there are certain cases where this is not possible. If you can't safely retrieve it, please call Dish at 18003333474 and let a representative know. The LNBF is attached with Phillips head screws on the underside of the arm, and several coax cables are connected inside the arm.
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    A LNBF is a Low-Noise blocker frequency. The actual item is the block on the end of the dish arm that has what looks like bug eyes on it.

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    The lnbf is the eye on the end of your satellite, it receives the signal from space after it bounces off of your dish.