What channel should the tv be on to receive dish?

What channel should the tv be on to receive dish? I lost reception on my main tv. The second tv is working perfectly.
Meraline asked this question 3 years ago
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    First try ur inputs. Go thru ur inputs slowly till u c dish. This #1 tv is hooked up thru rca jacks or hdmi cables.
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      Ur tv remote (not dish) will have a source or input button. Thats the button u need to press slowly or ur tv will have this button. Let me know if u need more help. Thank u. :)
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    If you have a HD receiver try HDMI or component imput but if you don't have an HD receive try ch3 or 4 or video 1 thru 4. To navigate thru your tv inputs you need to push the source/imput button on your tv remote.
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    More likely your TV 1 is going to be on an input, use your remote from your TV and press the input button or from your TV itself, I'd this doesn't work try pressing the TV button
    On the dish remote next to the sat button and then press input
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    if your tech did their job you should have stickers on your remote that tells you what input you need. if they didn't put those then they should have at least filled out the quick start guide with those inputs. if they didn't do this either, i apologize as your tech was lacking. look at the back of the receiver and follow the cable from the receiver to the tv to be sure of the input you need to be on.