What channel do I set my tv to to recieve from my Dish box ?

What channel do I set my tv to to recieve from my Dish box ? Somehow I hit the wrong button on the remote and can't get signal from my dish
Alan asked this question 4 years ago
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    If you have the remote that came with the TV, press the "source" or "Input" repeatedly until your picture comes back. If not try to change the tv to 3, 4, 60 or 73. If that don't work, you will have to find the button on the tv that is labeled Source or Input and cycle thought that. One of the above should work.
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    If its your TV 2 try channel 60 or 73, if it's tv1 try the inputs in if you are using RCA cables, or channel 60
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    Could be ch 3 or 4 if does not work with the tv remote push the imput/source button and. Hangs inputs on tv until you see pocture back on.
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    If the reciever is connected to this tv it could b 3 or 4. It also could b an input channel. Go to ur original tv remote & press the source or input button slowly till u c dish. If this is the 2nd tv from the reciever it could b on 22, 60,73 or 116. If u do a channel search it should pick up the channel automatically. Thank u. Hope this helps.
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    Depends on what Tv we are talking about. if it is a Tv2 then you want to go to 60 or 116 If it is TV 1 then channel 3, 4, or HDMI 1 or Video 1 video 2 video 3 please call 1800-333-3474 if you have more questions.
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    if its TV 1....take your tv remote and turn your tv to Channel 3 or select either the 'input' or 'source' button til you see a picture.

    if its TV 2...take your tv remote and turn your tv to channel 22 or 60 or 73 or 116.

    when using the dish remote, make sure you push the 'sat' button before using dish remote.
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    take remote hit the red power button. then satalite button. While making sure tv is on the right output