weak or no signal

weak or no signal
television is fuzzy on channel 77
message states weak or no signal
ken asked this question 4 years ago
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    Sounds like your TV is on the wrong channel. Dish Network receiver wont ever tell you it is a weak or no signal. Are you talking about ur TV2? If so change the TV channel back to 60 or do a channel auto search on the TV menu. If your talking about TV 1 where the receiver is then you need to change the TV back to the right input, HDMi, video 1, 2 ,or 3, or channel 3 depending on what receiver you own. If none of this works call 1800-333-dish and have a tech come to you home to help.
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    Try checking the cables to make sure they are tight. Next if this is tv2 try putting the tv on ch 73, if that doesn;t work try ch 60.
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      You can also email me at joseph.roske@dishnetwork.com if these suggestions do not work.
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    go into your menu system, select system setup, installation and then modulator, this will tell you what channel you need to have your tv2 on and also if it is antenna or cable. tv2 is the one without the receiver in case you didn't know. if your problem is on tv1, check your cables to see what input you need to be on. if this still doesn't fix it then call dish.