We can't find the Yankees games on Dish Network.

I can't fine the YES network.

We desire to watch the Yankees games on the YES channel but can't seem to locate it in our Dish Network list of channels. Is it available? If so, where or channel number?
Susan asked this question 4 years ago
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    DISH Network does not carry the YES Channel. At this time we do not carry any regional sports channels from the New York area. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you!

    Mary Catherine Brady
    Dish Network Customer Support
    2:45pm-11:15pm (MST) Tuesday-Saturday
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      How can we get access to the channel? My son is an avid Yankees fan and the games are frequently not carried on the regular or ESPN channels due to the YES network & living the the NY area. When do you plan to offer it? Or do I need to sign up with DirectTV to get the YES channel?
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    Ok ay we have recently added the MLB network to our channel lineup and you can also access the yankees games on tbs as well as the sports altenative channels. A complete list of these channels is available online at www.dishnetwork.com.also with every request for the channel we get we are one step closer to aquiring it so call 18003333474 and put in a request for the channel.And post your zipcode so i can check for available games in your area. Hope this helps.
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      Double checked some upcoming airings of yankee games. Channel 433 today from 1-430. Sept 9 10 pm channel 417. sept 11 417-330-700pm, and if you get me your zip i can find more and make sure you arent subject to blackout restrictions.
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      By the way the MLB channel is 153.