tv is fuzzy.

tv is fuzzy. what channel turns it on?
Larry asked this question 3 years ago
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    1st try channel 3 or 4.. If u have a HD tv and HD RECEIVER FROM DISH NETWORK TRY UR INPUTS... So go to ur tv remote and press the input or source button slowly till u c a picture... If u can go behind ur tv and trace the wire from ur receiver to ur tv and look were its hooked up... Then look at the input its on... Now if u have a dual turner from dish and this is the 2nd tv go to channel 22, 60, 73 or 116... Or u can do a channel search and this will pull in the channel... If u had a good tech he would have applied the stickers to the back of ur remote with the channel an location were the remote goes.... Let me know if u need more help... THANK U... :)
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    should be 60, or 73. check your connections from the tv to receiver
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    depends on model of receiver. Mostly the older one would be chan 3 or 4. If oyu can do a channel search or "auto tune" it should lock into the signal. If you can reply with a model number (311, 612, 722, etc) I can help you further.
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    If rcvr is at tv location,tv is on ch 3 or video input
    If no rcvr at tv 2 loc, turn tv to ch 60 or116 or 22 or 73
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    if it is the tv2, go to the tv1, press menu, 6, 1, 5 and it will tell you what channel tv2 should be on. it will also tell you air or cable, this is the mode the tv needs to be on. try it out and let me know if it works.