tv 2 remote not working

how do i get my tv 2 remote to work on 2nd tv ( one dish box in front room )

one receiver controls 2 tv's the tv in back is operated by blue remote #2 it is currently not chaning channels
roland asked this question 4 years ago
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    hi roland ill be happy to assist you with this first make sure that the batteries are good. once you do that take remote 2 to the box where tv 1 is located. with your num one remote press the menu button twice you should be at a screen that says system info look at the bottom of the screen it will say remote address one and two. look in the white boxes you will see nums in there remember those. now that youve done that get tv2 remote hold down the SAT button at the top of the remote until all the other mode lights light up at the top when they do release and then put in a different number from whats in the white boxes press the pound key (under neath num nine#) then press record up to three times what ever num you chosse should now appear in the tv 2 remote address. that is how you know that it is working.
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      to exit out of that screen just press select with your num one remote and the the zero to get out of the main menus
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    If none of the above works your tv2 might be to far away from your reciever. To fix it see in the back of your tv2 there should be a antenna looking like device there. If there is not one there you will need one to fix this problem.
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    You can do a code search. This works on most tv's.
    Make sure the TV is on
    press the TV button on your remote until all the top buttons lite up
    press the main power button
    press the channel up button slowly, about once per second until the tv turns off.
    (if you accidentally go past the code, sometimes you can press the channel down button to go back, but if not you have to start over.)
    press the # button and you are done.

    You need to program the remote to the receiver. Take your TV2 remote to the TV1 location and use the TV1 remote to bring up the info page.
    Press menu twice on tv1 remote.
    Then press and hold the SAT button on tv2 remote until all the clear buttons lite up and then release the sat button.
    press a two digit number (like 07) and then the pound button. Sat button should blink three times.
    Now press the record button two or three times the number on the screen should change to whatever number you selected.
    Press cancel a couple of times on the TV1 remote and you are done.
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    need to do a power scan. Point the remote at the tv with it on. On the dish remote, hold down the TV button at the top beside the SAt button. Until all the light on top light up. Release the Tv button and then start pushing the arrow down button over and over until the TV turns off. Once it does, push the # and then the record button. it will now work to change the channels on the TV.