the remote control does not change channels on a regular basis

the remote control does not change channels on a regular basis. when i try to use any of the buttons on the remote it will not respond. even if i am just trying to change a channel or to use fast forward on dvr or recall or guide they only work if you move the remote around to find a spot that works
Dorothy asked this question 4 years ago
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    That would be because your to far away from the TV1 receiver There is a few ways to fix this. The easy way would be to hold your palm over the from of the remote as you change the channels. It turns your body into an antenna. The other thing you can do is mover your receiver out of the entertainment center so that the little antenna on the back of the receiver is not blocked. You can also move the receiver closer to your TV2 , or use splittlers to add the antenna into the room where TV2 is. but in-order to do that you will need a tech to come to your home and it will cost you $15.00, but the best way is to just hold your palm over the front of the remote and it will change the channels , It works, I promise.
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    The help number is 1800-333-3434