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Shared view is disabled and I can't change it.

Shared view is disabled and I can't change it. Any help
Simon asked this question 1 year ago
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    Make sure reciever is in duo mode and if its tv2 make sure it's on the correct channel it may be on 62 or 74 when it needs to be 60 or 73

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    if you have not restarted your receiver, I would try this first. Let me know if this does not fix your problem
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    Hello Simon,

    Disable / Enable Shared View

    1. Press MENU on the remote control
    2. Select System Setup
    3. Select Shared View
    4. Select appropriate option
    On - enables Shared View
    Off - disables Shared View
    5. Select Save

    If you are still having a problem please let me know..
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