setting up new tv Emerson 32" hdtv acl To dish tv and codes given do not work

setting up new tv Emerson 32" hdtv acl To dish tv and codes given do not work
bobbye asked this question 4 years ago
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    Try this, Grab ur dish remote & point it at the TV. Then press and hold the TV button at the very top till all 4 lites lite up. Next push the big red button once, Next push the channel up button slowly till ur TV turns off. Then push the # button. Then turn ur tv back on using the same big red button. Pushing the channel up button may take a few minutes so just b patient. Thank u

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    I would try exactly what SuperAIRBORNEMan suggested. This is called a code scan and the remote try's every code it knows. If you have a 20.0 or 21.0 remote (black remote with red, blue, yellow, and green keys on the front), you may be able to teach the remote the commands you need. Simply follow the procedure linked here:

    If you don't have a learning remote or the learning procedure doesn't seem to help, it is possible that your TV isn't compatible. Emerson TVs are exceptionally hard to program the remotes for because they use so many different types of remotes. Hopefully you find this information helpful.
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    try the power scan listed above, it will give you the best shot to catch a code that isn't listed. good luck
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    In my experience, most Emerson TV's will not work with Dish remotes. Sometimes (not often) you can get lucky with the power (or code) scan method mentioned above. I used to have 3 Emerson TVs and I could not get any of them to respond to our remotes. There are a couple of other brands that are almost as bad; Symphonic and ILO.