Replacement HD DVR Receiver and original receiver have problems replaying recordings

We have a HD DVR receiver that doesn't play recorded programs back smoothly. It's hard to describe, but the replay is halting, and somewhat scrambled. The audio and video are both affected, and it doesn't seem to matter whether the recording/playback is while we're currently watching a program or recorded with the timer. However, it does seem to be worse with current recording.

I've called or emailed a couple of times and I was advised to unplug the receiver, wait a period of time and plug it back in. We've done this several times and it hasn't solved the problem.

About a week ago, I called again and the tech person wasn't able to help solve the problem, so authorized a replacement receiver. We got the replacement receiver, made the switch, and sadly, are having the same trouble with the new receiver.

We've been happy DISH customers for 7-8 years, so we really appreciate any help you can provide in order to solve this frustrating problem. Thanks!
Mike asked this question 5 years ago
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