remote won't work

The #2 tv won't change channels

remote wont change channels, has new batteries
Patti asked this question 4 years ago
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    Usually the remote doesnt loose the specific code that it has for the remote. The way to get it to work is go into the room where the receiver box is. Make sure the tv2 remotes batteries are all facing the correct way (sorry, just have to make sure). On the main tv, turn it on. Then push the MENU button twice, either with the remote or on the box. You will see a SYSTEM INFO screen. On the tv2 remote, make sure it's in SAT MODE, then press the REC button on tv2 remote. If the bottom number at the bottom of the screen changes...then you can now change channels in the other room. Just CANCEL out and you're good to go.
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    Sometimes the remote loses the remote address code. First go into the room where the receiver is (with both remotes). Make sure the receiver is on and both tv’s working (having picture). Test both remotes by pressing SAT button, just to make sure the batteries are powerful, and remotes are ok. Grab the remote #1 facing the receiver. Then push the MENU button twice, with the remote or on the receiver. You will see a SYSTEM INFO at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen U will see primary remote address TV 1, and secondary remote address TV 2, which both remotes have to be on different addresses (not the same number). If the numbers are same grab the remote #2. Hold the SAT button for three to four seconds, and press different number, then press and hold the pound key until the SAT button it flashes three times, then press RECORD button. See it if the number change on remote address #2 (if it doesn’t change, make sure the little antenna is connected on back of the receiver). From the first remote press select by choosing DONE on the bottom of the screen, then you should be ok. If you have any other problem don’t hesitate to write me back.
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