remote will not sync with tv.

My remote will not sync with tv. I have tried all the codes for my Phillips tv. How should I get the remote synced with the tv?
heidi asked this question 4 years ago
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      Take ur dish remote and point it at ur tv. Press & hold the TV button at the very top next to the sat button till all 4 lites lite up. Then press the big red power button once. Then press the channel up button slowly till the TV turns off. Once it does press the # button then turn the tv back on using the same big red power button. Hope this helps.
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    code for phillips is 566

    or take dish remote
    hold the clear TV button till alll the lights on top flashes
    push the big red power button
    push channel up repeatedly till tv turns off
    push channel down till tv turns on
    once it does
    push #
    the tv button will flash 3 times
    now test your volume, if it works then tv is now programmed
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    it might be the philips tv it wont program to it doeson some of them brands but not on all
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    if the tv has a built in dvd or vcr this can sometimes affect if the remote will program. i've never not been able to get a common name brand tv to program. check dish's website for updated codes and see how it goes, or do a powerscan as instructed above.
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