Program new TV for reception of Dish

I just purchased a new ISymphony TV. I cannot get the remote to respond to any channels. The remote turns off and on the Tv. This Tv does not have a receiver, and is programmed for channel 73. As of yet, I have no channels.
msummer2009 asked this question 4 years ago
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    try going to the receiver and press (with the tv1 remote)
    confirm that tv2 is set to cable channel 73 and not air 60
    go back to the new tv and go the the tv menu and do an auto channel scan
    this is usually in the setup menu
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    Just do a channel scan on your tv and should pick up your channel to use with Dish Also make sure you have your cable to tv2 plugged in the right slot in the back of your tv
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    Do you just get snow, or do you get the black screen saver that says "Your receiver is currently off. Press select to watch TV."

    If you get the first of the two, the channels to try will typically be 116, 21, 60, or 73. As the others mention, you may need to have the tv scan the channels to memorize the frequencies.

    If you do have the latter, first just make sure the remote is in SAT mode by pressing the clear-colored mode light at the top left. You may need to try accessing Sydtem Info on TV1 (Menu button twice) and pressing the record button twice to get the TV2 remote to work. After that, press select on TV1 remote to save, and try it again.

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    Make sure the antenna on the back of the receiver is pluged in and that tv2 is not to far away from tv1.
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    you have to go to the reciever that controls that tv press menu 6-1-5 like some one said earlier at the mod setup you have to look at tv2 out if its on 73 cable change to 60 air press done and go put your tv2 on channel 60 if you still dont get a pic then call dish 18003333474 so that you can get to an advance tech to find out why and if you need a tech visit or not. now the remote should work once you get a pic