on Dish 625 dual dvr rcvr, how do you program a remote to change channel on tv #2?

on Dish 625 dual dvr rcvr, how do you program a remote to change channel on tv #2? rrcvr allows 2 tv's to watch 2 different programs. tv #1 is controlled by a remote that only works on tv#1, I do not have a uhf remote for tv2. when I get one, how do you set it up to operate on tv#2?
dennis asked this question 4 years ago
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    Take the blue 2 remote to ur 625. Use ur #1 remote to do a remote address change. Using ur # 1 remote push the menu button, then press the numbers # 6-1-3. The us the info screen. Grab ur #2 remote and point it at the 625, press and hold the SAT button till all the lights lite up, Push 04 or 05 or 06 what # u want as long as it's not the same number as TV 1. After u push ur number, go to the puund button and push it. Last step is push the rec button until ur remote address changes for TV 2. Hope this helps u.
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    To program the remote to your second TV, follow the below steps:
    1. Take the second remote in to the room with the receiver.
    2. Press the system info button on the face of the receiver on the right side.
    3. Press and hold the "SAT" button on the top of the remote until all four mode buttons are lit.
    4.Press in 8 followed by pound (#) and record 3 times.
    5. Press select on the receiver and try the second remote if it doesn't work repeat the above steps. If the issue persists e-mail me at: Daniel.Busa@DISHNetwork.com

    Daniel Busa
    DISH Network
    Customer Service
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    hmmmm did the tech set up a 2nd room?
    or do you have your receiver set up to 1 tv only at time of install ?
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      yes, I have a different channel showing on both rooms,
      cant change channel on tv#2
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    You can do a code search. This works on most tv's.
    Make sure the TV is on
    press the TV button on your remote until all the top buttons lite up
    press the main power button
    press the channel up button slowly, about once per second until the tv turns off.
    (if you accidentally go past the code, sometimes you can press the channel down button to go back, but if not you have to start over.)
    press the # button and you are done.

    You need to program the remote to the receiver. Take your TV2 remote to the TV1 location and use the TV1 remote to bring up the info page.
    Press menu twice on tv1 remote.
    Then press and hold the SAT button on tv2 remote until all the clear buttons lite up and then release the sat button.
    press a two digit number (like 07) and then the pound button. Sat button should blink three times.
    Now press the record button two or three times the number on the screen should change to whatever number you selected.
    Press cancel a couple of times on the TV1 remote and you are done.
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    Everything that you need to know about programing the remotes for TV 2 s at this link. It step by step with pictures. good luck
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    first you need a code for that tv. also is it on the right channel are you seeng tv or fuss/ Call 1800333dish for further info.
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      not trying to control the TV,
      625 receiver for tv #2 is the issue...
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    if you are still having problems try taking your tv2 remote to the tv1. on the tv1 remote press menu two times. now with the tv2 remote press record. if it didn't change the remote address (the number next to the remote 2 box) then program it by:

    pressing the sat button until all the mode buttons light up
    type in a number under ten that is different from the remote 1 address
    press # and wait for 3 flashes
    now press record and it should change.

    to test, press one of the arrow buttons on the tv2 remote and see if the 2 on the screen blinks or even press the big power button and look for the blue light to turn off. hope this helps