Need to sync Blu Ray Player to Dish Remote

I am trying to sync my Sony Blu Ray Player to my Dish Network remote. I have tried many methods and I have come to the realization that all I need to have the proper code for my device. I would like the code for my Sony Blu Ray Player
James asked this question 3 years ago
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    here are the codes listed 617, 644, 645, 670, 671, 729, 730, 731, 768. to enter the code, hold dvd until all buttons blink if you are programming into the dvd button enter the code and push pound. if you are programming into the aux button, press 1 and then the code before pressing pound. after the button blinks 3 times then try the big power button and see if it works. if it doesn't then you can try a different code. let me know if you need more help
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    • J
      Every Code except 644 gave me the 3 blinks. If it matters, I put in 670 first. Also, I am programming it into the dvd button. However, the big power button, or any other buttons for that matter, did not turn on/off or control the Blu Ray Player. What else can I do?
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    Ok go with code 644 try it again. Dont work call Dish at 1800-333-3434 they might have another one
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    Here's another way to try programming it:

    I know that it says it's for TVs specifically, but it does also work with the DVD button. The whole process will take less than 10 minutes, and many times it takes less.
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    Yes the blue ray needs to be on. 644 is your code.
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    Hey there, James! I just wanted to share some input as there are a few other codes that haven't been mentioned yet that might work, as well. Try 123, 504, 500, 999, 501, 502, and 768. Let me know what happens and if you need additional assistance!