Need to connect dish box to the internet, but my cable modem is upstairs

Need to connect dish box to the internet, but my cable modem is upstairs and i do not want to run a cat5 cable to it from up stairs. Is there a way or receiver to connect the dish box?
eric asked this question 4 years ago
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    Do you have a wireless router, if so a wireless adapter could be used, if not depending on model of receiver, you can use a DISH Sling Link, it Plugs Ethernet from router to the sling link which plugs into the wall and goes over the power lines, and as long as the receiver is directly plugged into the wall and not through a power strip or surge protector It will pick up the signal and get connection to the internet.
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    for the first sling link you need dish will give it to you at no cost. if you need a router to plug your sling into dish will provide that to you at no cost as well. all you need to do is call dish at 18003333474, let them know you want to connect your receiver through your broadband and they will send someone out to hook you up. all of this is dependent upon you having a vip receiver though. those are the only receivers that can hook up via broadband. the tech visit will cost you $15 if you have the protection plan that comes free for 6 months when you sign up. good luck and if you have any other questions, lemme know
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    If you have a VIP reciver you can use a Slinglink turbo and it will work alot better then a wireless adapter.
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    Call Dish and have a tech to go toyour house just pay the $15 for the tech visit and the technician must conect your receiver to your router .
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    Hi Eric, here is link to the dish network website that explains how to connect your receiver.

    Any one of the three methods will work and if you need any additional assitance, please feel free to e-mail me directly. Thank you!

    Mary Catherine Brady
    DISH Internet Response Team
    2:45pm-11:15pm (MST) TuesdaySaturday

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    just one simple answer to your ? order a slinglink