need remote codes for spectre tv

need remote codes for spectre tv
Mark asked this question 4 years ago
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    turn your tv on

    take your dish remote and hold down the clear TV button till all the lights flash
    then push the big red power button
    now push the channel up repeatedly till the tv turns off
    once it does, push channel down till tv turns on

    once it does, push #
    now test your volume, if it works then your tv is now programmed to the dish remote

    good luck
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    Try this, it might b easier. Take ur remote & point it at the TV. Press & hold the TV button at the very, very top till all 4 lites lite up. Next push the big red power button once. Next push the channel up button slowly till ur tv turns off. Once it does push the # button. Then turn ur tv back on using the big red power button. Thank u @ ur good to go.
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    right now dish doesn't have a code for the spectre tv. you can do a power scan as described above, or call 1800333DISH and see what they have for you. good luck
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    this link will walk you thru step by step with pictures to help. Good luck
  • Dish Network • 395 answers • 96% helpful go here and see if you can find your code
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    If you are referring to Sceptre TV, I have one, and the remote code book published by DISH gave me the code 677 which works on the 20.0 and 21.0 remotes. If you have an older remote you should try that as well, if that does NOT work then according to the Sceptre manual it uses the "Sony" codeset so you could try the Sony codes