my tv1 is downstairs, tv2 upstairs.

With dish network they set up my tv's so that
my tv1 is downstairs and has the dish box connected to it, and tv2 is upstairs no box connected but I am able to watch dish on a seperate channel, its a dual modular connection. I want to rest this and move the dish box to make tv1 upstairs the main tv, and tv2 downstairs, how do I do this?
sheldon asked this question 4 years ago
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    you have two diplexers in your system, one is located behind the receiver, the other is in a remote location. to switch locations simply locate the second diplexer (the one not behond receiver) there are three connections one marked "SAT" one marked "uhf/vhf or tv" and one marked in/out. simply swap the "sat" and uhf/vhf and move the receiver do not disconnect the diplexer from the receiver, it must be moved with the receiver. You may need to re program the remote for the tvs

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    Is very easy just locate the dieplexer which could be outside by your cable box or by the dish. It looks like a. Splitter but is blue when you find it you will see three cables conected to it the one label SAT don't touch it leave it the other 2 cables just switch them over.
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    Customers are not allowed to tamper w/ the system unless youre very familiar with the system.
    You would have to schedule a tech visit for relocating your receiver. There is a $50 charge to do so cause at the time of the installation, you agreed to the location of the receiver.
    Why switching location ?
    Schedule a tech visit for $15 w/ protection plan and if its a very simple rewiring near the dish, the tech may do it for you.
    If it takes more than 1 hour to rewire the system, he/she need to call it in for the $50 relocating receiver.

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      they said they would charge $145 to do this. we just purchase an HDTV for the upstairs and would like to take advantage of the HD qualitiy. At the time of installation that was not the case. If it was only 15-50 bucks id have them do it, but they take 7 days to come out from time of call, then charge me $145 for something that I think I could manage if I just knew what to do.
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    OK, call Dish directly, do not deal with an "authorized retailer". Call 888-884-2741. It is a flat fee of 50 dollars to do this. When it is switched you will no longer be able to have HD downstairs.