my tv says my smart card is not in right,but on the contrary,it is.

my tv says my smart card is not in right,but on the contrary,it is. I took it out and re-inserted it multiple times and it willstart to boot up and say searching for signal but after 2 of the blocks turn green and it looks as if its going to work it kicks it right back to the Error 019 screen which states "The smart card is not inserted correctly". What can i do to fix it,it was working fine till the other night at 3am it was gonna do a update and i wasnt in the room in time to accept decline or cancel and then the problem occured
Patrick asked this question 4 years ago
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    We r getting rid of r 311's & 301 receivers. If u have one of those u need to call dish and get the upgrade, it's free. If not there must b a problem with ur reciever. Call dish and they will have one mailed to u or have a tech come out and fix it. There's only a few things me and u could do and u did it. Taking out the card and re-inserting it is about all u can do. Call dish 1-866-688-3274. They will probably try and send a hit to ur reciever and I hope that helps. Thank u & I wish I could b more help. N

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    what receiver are you using? it could be that it finally became obsolete based on the software/hardware combination. you might try some compressed air into the card slot, maybe take a little rubbing alcohol and clean the smart card and try again. if all else fails, call 1800333DISH and see if they can do anything or just schedule a tech to come out to replace the receiver. good luck
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    Prophets answer is probably the best solution, but if you removed the smart card from more than 1receiver make sure that you put them back inthe proper receiver.
    Also if you happen to have a 5xx dvr, it may be obsolete and you can call dish for a free upgrade