My remote doesn't work.

My remote doesn't work. The batteries are fresh and installed correctly. It is the silver dish network remote that comes with the dish DVR. It is the 6.3 UHF Pro remote. The modes - Sat,TV,VCR,AUX light up when pushed but nothing happens at the tv, vcr, or sat. Thx.
Mark asked this question 4 years ago
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    did you get a new remote?
    well the vcr, and aux shouldnt work

    does your remote still turn the tv on / off and volume ?

    you may have left your remote near you and you fell asleep and accidentally held the SAT button and push a number which reprogram the code for the remote

    well go to your the panel
    push menu twice
    a system info should pop up
    now take your dish remote
    push the SAT button till all the lights up
    push 1
    push #
    push record button 6 times

    now push the cancel button..if it works..your remote is now programmed again.

    if it doesn t work try process again..if it still doesnt work, you may have a defective remote.

    good luck.

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    It sounds like either your remote has gone bad, or you need to reprogram your remote. I will be more than happy to troubleshoot this with you further! Please send me an e-mail at:

    Daniel Busa
    DISH L.L.C.
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    Let's re-program the remote. 1st point the remote at the TV. Press and hold the TV button at the very top till all 4 lites lite up, then push the big red power button. Next push the channel up button slowly till ur TV turns off. Once it does hot the pound button. Then turn the TV back on using the big red power button. Hope this is helpful.
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    This is an easy fix for free. Just call 1800-333-3474 and tell them that your remote wont work and you need one yesterday. They will mail you a new one for free.
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    If the remote is not working at all just call dish and they can ship you a new remote.