My remote controle stopped working.

My remote controle stopped working. I have changed the batteries. Still nothing. Do I need to troubleshoot my remote?
Marcia asked this question 4 years ago
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    Yes, sometimes when batteries go bad it erases the remote address. Go to MENU push #6-1-3. This is the info screen, press and hold the SAT button till all 4 lites lite up, push 03 or 04 to change the remote address, once it changes push the pound button then the record button 4 to 5 times. This will change ur remote address Hope this helps
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      If it's volume and power. Point the remote at the TV, press and hold the TV button that's located at the very top next to the SAT button till all 4 lite up, then push the big red power button, then push the channel up slowly till the TV turns off. Once this happens push the pound button and turn ur TV back on by pushing the big red power button at the top. Hope this helps.
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    the remote not working the on/off and volume or remote not working to allow changing channels ?
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    Remote not working so u can't press menu twice or menu 6 1 3 unless its the num 2 remote then u have to take the remote to tv 1 and use num 1 remote to get to system info. If its num 1 remote you'll have to press system info on the box if its avail a 311 or 322 box u have to press power once and up button or remove smart card all other boxes have it. Once u get to system info hold sat until all lights at top of remote lights up release then enter a different num than What's in the remote address white boxes the pound key then record 3 times what ever num u chose should be in the box. If so you're good . If it doesn't after a few tries call get new remote
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    if the remote is not lighting up when you push the top buttons then you can call dish at 1800-333-3474 and the will mail you out a new one at no charge.
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    does anything light up when you push buttons? if so then it just needs to be reprogrammed following the above instructions, if no lights then replacement is in order.
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    call 1800333dish and see what they do they will help you