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My dish remote won't turn on/off my new tv.

My dish remote won't turn on/off my new tv...or control the sound....
Steven asked this question 2 years ago
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    you will need to reprogram your remote.
    press, and hold the tv mode button till all the mode lights come on, then release.
    press and release the big power button
    slowly press the channel up button repeatadly until the tv turns off
    now press the # button to lock in the code.

    this should work for you. if it does not, let me know the tv and receiver model and I will instruct you further.

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    Press and hold the clear tv button at the top of the remote until the other clear buttons light up.
    The tv button should be blinking.
    While it is blinking, press in the code and then the # button.
    The tv button should blink off at this point.
    Try the power button and volume buttons to make sure that they function.
    Once you've verified that they do, press the SAT button to get it back in satellite mode and the functions should still work. Use this page to find the codes that are most likely to work.

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    POINT ur remote at the tv.. Now press and hold the tv button at the very very top till all 4 lites lite up.. Now press the BIG RED POWER BUTTON once.. Now press the channel up button slowly till ur tv turns off.. Once it does press the pound (#) button once... Now go back to the top and press the BIG RED POWER BUTTON 3 to 5 times or until ur tv comes back on.. Let me know if u need more help.. THANK U!!!!!
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