is dish internet service good?

is dish internet service good?
I'm switching from Comcast Cable at 15 mpbs speed

I need at least 12 mpbs, but not sure if the Dish internet service will be fast and reliable enough....
Fabricio asked this question 4 years ago
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    Honestly, no.
    You will be in a contract and have to pay an activation fee.
    It is definitely NOT worth it.
    As far as speed is concerned, it is not as fast as Comcast.
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    • Fabricio
      Thanks for the help!
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    unfortunately dish internet <wildblue> is not as fast. its close to dsl speed. its mostly for ppl out in the country side that has no internet service at all, last resort.
    try surewest for stable connection speed.
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    • Fabricio
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    NO, NO, is ONLY for folks that can only get dial-up. If you have ANY other option, take it. I have installed these for 3 years and have talked about one third of the potential clients out of it.
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    VIASAT has a new satellite up and operational, speeds up to 12Mbps download and 3mbps upload, Call us for more info 1-877-661-0100
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    Yes we have a new Internet satellite. This will blow cable away. Call 1-866-688-3274.
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    If your talking about Wild BLue, I would only use that as a last resort .. like if you lived out in the middle of nowhere and cant get anything else.