is 907 sattelite able to charge 20 to 100 dollars for installs because your advertisement says...

is 907 sattelite able to charge 20 to 100 dollars for installs because your advertisement says installs are free and they want 50 dollars to run wire or is your advertisement bogus!!!
krystal asked this question 4 years ago
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    They can because they are an independent contractor. Call 1-800-823-4929. Always make sure you are talking to Dish, not an "authorized retailer" Install should be free for at least 4 rooms. That includes wiring and everything.

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      i didnt even have four rooms so it should be free install right
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      Yes, never call the number in the newspaper ads. Call Dish Directly and we will send a tech out and install everything for free. That is as long as you have a fairly decent credit rating. If you don't, there are other options, but the customer service rep will discuss that when you call.
      Good luck!!
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    What Molon said is correct. Retaiers do have there own charges they can tact on. Some even have a seprate contract if you cancel your service early.
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    I always advise customers to avoid retailers. I wish that DISH would stop using them. 800-969-DISH or 800-333-DISH are the two best numbers to ensure you are talking directly to DISH Network. Also and are the official website.

    Now, if you have already paid the retailer fee then you are in a different situation. It is difficult to get them to refund their fee, though not impossible. Having never dealt with it myself I cannot advise on how to handle them, my only suggestion is to not accept "no" as an answer. If they already did the install and it was not to your satisfaction (meaning it was not complete, not done correctly, or damaged your home; not simply that you changed your mind) then please contact customer service at the above number(s) and address the situation directly to DISH.
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    Just call 1-800-333-3474 to have and installation set up, the installation is free all you have to pay is for your first month service. Nothing else.
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    If it is custom work like wall fishing Dish Network will charge you $50.00 or if you are mirroring a TV Dish network will charge you $50.00. The install is free, any custom work will come with charges.
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    Well if you sign up for a 2 year contract, the installation is free up to 4 rooms. If you have existing cable lines to the rooms then we can use them. If you dont have cable lines then our standard free installation will be running a cable line from the dish thru exterior wall to the room(s). Now if you want custom cable (if its possible to do so ) run like wall fish in interior walls than its a $50 charge for each line drop per wall.

    If you go with no contract then you have to pay for the equipment and the installation.

    So whether its an internal dish tech or contractor, installation is free w/ 2 year commitment.