I want to hook up a dvd player to my dish receiver

I want to hook up a dvd player to my dish receiver, how do i do that?
Brian asked this question 4 years ago
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    you can hook up a dvd player to the tv using a seperate input but not to the dish receiver.
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    U can't go thru the reciever. I have to go from the tv to the DVD. Best to u use RCA jacks or HDMI wires. Hope this helps. Thank u
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    You cant hook up a DVD to the Dish Box but you can hook it up right to your TV with RCA or HDMI cables. If you want to download the recorded movies off the DVR Dish Box you will need to pay a one time $5.00 fee to dish then transfer them to an external hard drive. please call 1800-333-3474 if you have more questions.
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    you cant, dvd player will have to connect directly to tv using rca cables (red,white,yellow)