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I upgraded from a legacy receiver to a dvr and have no signal.

I upgraded from a legacy receiver to a dvr and have no signal. We have replaced the lnb and the cables still no signal. We have a dish 500 satellite dish. Can you help me?
Cynthia asked this question 2 years ago
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    what model receiver did you upgrade to? was your legacy working before the swap?
    Did you do a check switch? (menu-6-1-1)

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    • Cynthia
      Yes we did a check switchAnd we upgraded to a dish dvr 625
    • Cynthia
      The legacy receiver receiver just died
    • Dish Network • 1531 answers • 85% helpful

      OK, I am guessing that you are using what is called a separator on the back of your receiver. this separator is "Dish pro +" technology and is not compatable with a Legacy LNB (on the dish 500)
      you can do one of two things
      1 obtain a Dish pro plus twin LNB and replace the one on your dish.
      2. run a second cable from your dish to receiver and not use the separator.

      I would suggest option 1 as it is the newest technology and will upgrade your system as well.
      Please reply if you need more help.
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    Do a check switch. Go to ur menu button & press it. Then press the numbers 6, then 1, then 1 again. Do a check switch. This will let u know if its ok or not. Let me know & i can help u more.
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    Call dish and have them send a tech out ok at 1800333dish