I need the code for the remote 20.

I am trying to find out how to program my RCA surround sound and dvd player in one to work with the 20.1 IR remote. I have tried all the codes in the book and none have worked. I have tried using the up arrow method on dvd and it hasn't worked. I want to know if this would be considered an aux device and what would I enter if it was or... I don't know any more. I would just love to get it to work with the 20.1 IR to control everything. Thanks in advance!
WeAre asked this question 4 years ago
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    I'm a former tech and have an RCA HDMI surround sound system (no dvd/blueray). I can't find the RCA remote so I've tried everything to get it to work with my 20.0 remote to no avail, and could not get it to work with my Insignia TV remote, either. You might be out of luck.
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    • WeAre
      Thanks for trying :)
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    somethimes not all the codes are listed on the manual try this link http://www.dishnetwork.com/SupportSection/apps/...
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      Tried that earlier this morning. No luck. Thanks for the reply though :)
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    If you have a learning remote like the ones that come with all Dish network HD recivers then you can program it to each button on the Dish remote. It is to hard to tell you how to do it, but what you are looking for is how to use the learning remote to program the surround sound right to the dish remote in the little black window on the side of the Dish remote.
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    Go to the following web site:

    Then select Two-way Remote Control Model 21.0

    It is a PDF file that you can save to your computer and print out if you want. This will show you how to program the LEARNING features of this remote.
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    to Mr. Fixit...the code for MOST Insignia (as well as Dynex) TV's is 834

    Anyway, if no codes are working and power scan is a nogo then you can program the remote using the original device remote. The instructions are in the manual, however here is the short of it:

    Press and hold the device key (e.g. dvd) until all the lights light up
    Press and hold the record button until the device code goes solid
    Press the button you wish to program, let's use power for example--big power
    Now, point the orignal remote at the little sensor on the left side of the dish remote (it might help to use a table) and press the power button on the original remote
    If it takes the code then the device light will blink one time...if not then it will blink quickly and you have to do it again.
    Repeat this for each and every button you want to program
    When finished press the device key again (in this example DVD)
    Now test it all out