I just got a replacement DISH DVR625 and how do i go about transferring my recordings from the...

I just got a replacement DISH DVR625 and how do i go about transferring my recordings from the old DVR625 before i return to DISH Network to my new DVR625?
Ekene asked this question 3 years ago
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    Unfortunately the recordings are unable to be transferred to the new receiver based on that model. Our HD DVR equipment does have the option to use an external hard drive to backup and store recordings, which can be used to watch or transfer to a replacement though. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

    Tommy Faust
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    This can not be done. U can download ur recordings onto a hard drive & then from there u can put them on disc. If u go to mydish.com or call dish at 1-800-333-3474 u will never have to worry about losing ur recordings again. Let me know if u need more help with this subject.
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    I'm sorry to inform you that this model dvr is one few the models that does not allow the transfer of recordings or the ability to attach an external hard drive. Only HD dvr allows this. The 625 is only standard definition.
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    Yes you cannot transfer. But you can play them on a tv and if you have a dvd recorder you can transfer them from box to dvd. Just play on tv then push record on dvd player.
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      need to know how to hook up the dvr625 to my DVD to view my recordings on TV.
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      you cannot do it. But you can record to a dvd if you have one. Just play your dvr show and put dvd in recorder and push record
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    unfortunately you can not transfer shows from a 625 receiver if you want that capability you must upgrade to a HD DVR.