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I have a hopper connected and the wifi and satellite shows good connection.

I have a hopper connected and the wifi and satellite shows good connection.,. when I try to link a joey, it won't connect to my broadband and shows a failure.,what can I do does it mean I have weak internet connect upstairs as the router is downstairs as the data line comes in there

rosemary asked this question 7 months ago
  • Krishi

    Customer service management where my experience can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction. To work...

    I would contact DISH tech support at 800-894-9131

    if this problem arise.


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  • Bob George

    12 years experience w Dish Network. Degree in Computer Science


    I would suggest calling customer service as Krishi suggested.

    Your question is a bit vague.

    I assume, your Joey is linking up and can run normal television functions?

    Can you use Blockbuster and other broadband functions directly from the Hopper?

    What is the status of your MOCA connection?

    Customer service can walk you through all of this on the phone... then get to the root of your problem.


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    • R


      yes all functions from hopper work what is the moca connection
    • Bob George

      go under Menu<<settings<<network setup<<whole home

      that will show your MOCA settings (Multimedia Over Coaxial Alliance - the way the hopper and joey communicate)

      If MOCA is bad, "most likely" you have a cabeling issue

      If MOCA is good either I bad hopper or bad Joey.

      Do you have another joey that all works from?
    • Bob George

      rats... part of my comment disappeared.

      Menu, settings, network setup, whole home
    • R


      where do I check the moca I am diagnostics and it shows moca with 2 out of 3 ars..we haven't been able to hook up joeys since we moved them, we are on the road with it now in rv but it is like a house
      hopper works great would just like to use a joey in other room..the other room is right behind the main hopper
    • R


      if moca is bad what will it look like -I had to enable the moca as it was disabled
    • Bob George

      No you can't enable or disable Moca.

      It works if all is well.

      It doesn't work if there is a problem.

      Sounds like a cabling issue.

      You need a technician.
    • R


      thanks there is a setting for moca under whole home then display settings..there is then a moca quality icon along with channel change notifications..unless that is something else
    • Bob George

      yes,,,, those are all there.

      but enabling or disabling "notifications", not enabling or disabling moca.

    • R


      ok I get it so if the bars are grey is that good 3 out of 4
    • Bob George



      you need a tech

      Likely a bad hopper or Joey
    • Dish Master Tech

      Rosemary, I was reading all the comments on your question. Bob is most likely correct in that the hopper or joey needs to be replaced. Krishi is absolutely wrong in her statement that we don't offer technical advise here. That is primarily what we do and you came to the right place. Sometimes we can't fix an issue over the phone or chat and a tech will need to be sent as in this case. I do apologize for Krishi's refusal to help you, but I think Bob has hit the nail on the head with a bad receiver as I have seen this before in the field and fixed problem by replacing the hopper. Also another guy said you need a wifi adapter for the joey, this is incorrect as the joey does not support that, it runs entirely off the hopper. If there is anything else that we can help you with please don't hesitate to ask as we are here to help you in any way we can : )
    • R


      oh thank you..but how can I have a good satellite connection and good broadban dn the hopper but not be able to connect the joey? it says there is no internet connection?
      so they sent me a replacement hopper and we tried , it would not download the just sat there for over an hour on step 2 so we put the other one back in until we can figure out what the problem is also my boyfriend brought his receiver over just to test it and worked fine so we know it wasn't my we are puzzled right now as to how I can check the cable..we are in a remote area so we are trying to fix it ourself..but maybe not
      so dish reactivated this one for now ..
    • R


      thanks for your hrlp
    • Bob George

      Glad to.
  • Super Dish Installer

    Trouble Shooting issues? no problem i can help u with almost anythin.

    I think I understand your question the Joey it's not connecting to the Internet so you can't access on demand and all you other online content the reason why is because you need a wifi adapter to connect your Joey to your wireless network the hopper doesn't feed Internet to the joeys so you can call dish and request an USB adapter or request a tech out to do it for you the number is 18003333473.

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