i forgot my password

i forgot my password
miriam asked this question 3 years ago
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    Call dish at 800_333-3474 and ask for your password to be reset. This also resets all locks you have set.

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    if you lost the password on your receiver then you should call customer service to get it reset. If it was the password on mydish.com then enter in your online ID and select forgot password. It then will ask you for your 4 digit security code or the last 4 of your social,select Continue and then it will allow you to create a new password.let me know if you need any additional information

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    Here is a link to reset your password your-self https://my.dish.com/customercare/mylocks/prepMy...
    If you have an account logon, log into your account and the link will take you to the reset page. If you don’t have a logon register then log on.
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    call 18003333474 and they can help you with that or you can even go online to the following link and do it yourself if you mean your 4 digit receiver pin

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    Dish network will need to talk to you on the phone to fix this. Please call 1800-333-3474 and they will walk you thru. If you want to skip all the automated computer stuff on the phone. When dish answers just hit #0#0#0#0 and it will take you to a live tech. Good luck and have a great day.