i disabled my shared viewing how do i get it back on

i disabled my shared viewing how do i get it back on
stacy asked this question 4 years ago
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    Just hit the mode button on the front your receiver. The mode light should switch to the left position with the single white box on top of it.
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    If u want to disable or enable this go to the DISH Network remote and push ur MENU button. Go to the System set-up #6 then go shared view and disable or enable ur shared view. Hope this helps.
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    Just push the mode button on the left side of your receiver
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    open the front right side door of your Dish revicer and look for the button that says mode. Push it once and see the lights change on the front. If your light is on the side that has 2 blocks you are in dual mode, if the light is on the single block then your in single mode and you can watch the same thing on both TVs and also do picture in picture. good for football games
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    open the front panel of the receiver.

    there should be a 'mode' button on there..push it and then you would see a blue light on the front of the receiver turn on..now youre back to dual mode 'independent viewing on both tvs'.
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    they are correct, mode button inside front panel.