I can not get the second tv to work

I can not get the second tv to work
Robert asked this question 3 years ago
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    Try channel 22, 60, 73 or 116. If that doesn't work do a auto program with ur tv. If u have the right channel and its not changing there's a antenna on the back of the receiver. Move it slightly, But make sure the antenna is finger tight. That antenna makes a big difference. If its ur remote let me know or any other deal that I haven't mentioned. I will be happy to help. Thank u

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    Do you have a pic ?
    Or us it just the remote won't control the satellite
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    First we want to make sure that on your dish receiver we have the green, yellow and blue lights on. Also make sure that your second tv is on the right channel. You can check what channel it should be on by going to you first tv and going to the menu - system setup - installation - and modulator set up. On tv 2 out it will give you the channel it should be tuned to.
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      If you tune your tv to that channel and it still doesn't work, on the modulator set up screen, change the mode. So if it's on air change it to cable and vice verse. Select save/done. It will give you a different channel number and tune your tv to that new channel.

      Let me know if you need more help
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    First try changing the tv set to channels 21/60/73/116.
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      * if you are unable to get your tv to change to the channels 21/60/73/116 try pressing tv mode button on your dish remote first. ( the Tv mode button is located right next to sat and is clear). You can also try using the TV's Manufacturer remote. IF you cannot get a picture on any of the these following channel numbers and this not a new tv try resetting your dish receiver box located in the main room by unplugging it from the electrical outlet for 10 secs. to reset both tvs. Then retry the channels
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      Try channels 21/60/73/116 using TV's manufacturer remote. If the tv won't change to the channels insure that you have completed the instruction booklet that came with your new tv as it should require a channel scan to work. If not picture on these channels reset the Receiver box located in the opposite remote by unplugging it from the wall outlet for 10 secs. This will reset both tvs. Once tv1 is back up retry the channel numbers listed above.
      Still no picture? - Go to the main TV at the box. Grab the SAT remote for the room TV1. Press menu on remote and main menu should appear on the TV1. Now press 6-1-5 on the key pad TV1 remote. This will take you to modulator setup. For tv2 out either air or cable will be highlighted by a purple dot. Selected the opposite for tv2 out only. If you select cable insure the channel number displays 73. If you select air insure the channel number displays 60. Now select done. Go back to tv2 and retry all 5 channels numbers again. You should now have a nice picture on the screen!!
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      THE SECOND TV WILL NOT TURN ON MANUALLY :: Contact TV manufacturer
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      If the dish remote will not flip the picture for new channels insure the remote is in sat mode by pressing the SAT button located on the top left hand corner of remote.
      If the screen has message that says your receiver is currently off please press select to continue make sure you press sat then select.
      Try replacing the batteries. Go to the receiver box and make sure the silver antenna located on the back of the dish box is tight and standing up straight. Then press system info on the front of dish box. If box does not have a system info button remote the smart card located on the left front panel. System info should appear on the tv1 screen. Hold down sat button on your tv2 remote while in the tv1 room for 10 secs til all light appear on top of remote then release the button and press a number from 1-9 on the key pad that is not currently displayed on the screen. Now press # and then press the red record button 4 times (located above the number 2 or 3). Now go back to tv2 to see if remote works. If does not work make sure nothing is blocking from of dish box. Reset dish box and attempt to readdress remote address number. Still no success then you may need to contact dish for a new remtoe