How To Watch Showtime On Demand

How To Watch Showtime On Demand
Karen asked this question 4 years ago
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    Unfortunately dish does not have show time ondemand the only way you can watch showrooms ondemand is by going thru their website there is also an app for iPad which you can acces to all their shows as long you have their subscription

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      Forgot to mention their app is only available if you have showtime thru U-verse or Verizon fios not dish yet. Sorry
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      Thanks, that is what I thought but I wanted to be sure. I can get every other channel that is available on demand through various apps I just thought it was strange showtime only was available for U-verse and Verizon fios. There website only has a few free sample shows as well since I'm through Dish. Very frustrating if you missed some episodes. I programmed my DVR to record all available episodes from now on. Thanks
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    I don't think u can watch a certain channel on demand. I might b wrong, but I thought it was just movies and some shows. If u can do that u go to the DVR button & push it once. Then search for the show or movie u want. Hope this helps.
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    there isn't a showtime on demand, unless it is seperate from dish. hbo and cinemax both have hbogo and cinemaxgo but that's all