how to use my dvd player with my dish.

how to use my dvd player with my it on channel what?????? no information on!!!!!!!!!!11
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    Most dvd players use cables which are red, yellow and white. These are called rca cables. If this is what your dvd player has, connect from dvd player to the tv. Then use your tv brand remote to change your inputs/source/tv video button. If u do not have tv brand remote then press the button on the tv surface if available or on dish remote press the clear tv button on top left corner followed by the input/ tv video button. Once u have accessed ur inputs make sure your dvd player is on with a disc playing that u will recognize on the screen. Next select each input individually until u have a pic. Now enjoy your movie with ur dvd player remote. Now if your tv does not accept the colored rca cables u will need an adaptor to convert the cables into coaxial which u can purchase at radioshake and walmart. ----program ur dish remote to your dvd player. Turn dvd player on. Choose either your dvd button or aux button located ontop of remote. Hold down button for 10 secs. Until all 4 mode lights appear on remote. Release button. Press and release largest red power button. Press channel up button every 10 secs. Until dvd player powers off. Immediately press # key on lower right corner of remote. Make take 2-3 to power off dvd player. Once programmed use dvr buttons in middle of remote for control. Unfortunately doesn't work for all dvd player manufactors. Hope this helps

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    K check the input and make sure ur DVD player in on that input. Then
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      The easy way to do this is look behind ur tv if u can and check the input. If u can c it go to that input. Then proceed like u normally would with ur DVD. Player. If u need more help let me know. Thank u.
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    Your dvd is on separate input from dish rcvr.
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    All you have to do is to make sure the cables with yellow red white connectors are conected from your DVD to your tv and to watch a DVD all you have to do is change the imput with your tv remote. So your dish is on ch3 and your DVD is on imput 1,2,or 3