how to set dish net work remote on samsung tv

how to set dish net work remote on samsung tv
robeir asked this question 4 years ago
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    Push and hold the white TV button until all the white buttons light up. Enter the code 738 and then press the # key.

    Try your volume and little red TV button for power
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    Push in and hold the clear tv button on the remote until all four.lights come on. Punch in 516# and the tv light should blink three times and then operate your tv
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    if those codes do not work you can call 18003333474 and ask for a remote code for your tv follow the correct steps from the other answers. or you can do a power scan which you will hold the clear tv button down until all lights light up and then press the red power tv button and the up button until the tv goes off when it does press the down arrow once and press record that will go thru all the avil codes to the t v.
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    If those don't work, try 680. This one works on my Samsung. If none of the above works, thy the following;

    You can do a code search. This works on most tv's.
    Make sure the TV is on
    press the TV button on your remote until all the top buttons lite up
    press the main power button
    press the channel up button slowly, about once per second until the tv turns off.
    (if you accidentally go past the code, sometimes you can press the channel down button to go back, but if not you have to start over.)
    press the # button and you are done.
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