How to properly hook up cable from outside to dish box in the house-can you show diagrams?

How to properly hook up cable from outside to dish box in the house-can you show diagrams?I have 2 splitters-I'm wanting to know where the cable from outside hooks up to and what cable goes to tv and jacks are hooked properly-I just need to know what cable goes to input-output-my smartbox has tv 1 & 2 hookups-it controls 2 tv?
Terry asked this question 4 years ago
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    that's a big question. did you move and the new place have dish already? there is no real way to put a diagram as every install is different. you have to have a direct line from the dish to the receiver or to the junction. if you are hooking up two tv's you need to use a diplexer not a splitter. look at the "splitter" you have and see if it says in on one connection and out on the other two. if it says "sat", "in/out" and uhf/vhf then you have a diplexer. hook up the line coming from the dish to the sat connection. hook up the line going to the receiver to the in/out and hook up the line going to tv2 to the uhf/vhf connection. make sure you have a diplexer/seperator or triplexer on the receiver and hook up the recevier line to that. and connect the receiver to the tv in your chosen way. connect the tv2 directly to the line and you will have to do a check switch. menu/system setup/installation/ check switch. after that set the sat to 119 transponder 14 and wait for it to lock. then cancel out and it will do it's download and you will be good to go. any questions on that let me know or call 1800-333-3474. i would suggest doing that anyway to get a tech out for professional services. if you moved and just want to move your service this would all be free to you. good luck
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    You should really call for a tech visit so your warranty wont go bad on your equipment this will cover you to. Call at 1800-333-Dish
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    You wont beable to do this even if we told you every step. The main reason is because Dish network wants to make sure your system is installed and grounded properly so not to burn up your home or the receivers. You really should call 1800-333-dish and pay $15.00 to have it done right, it is a small fee to keep your home and family safe from fire.
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    The explanation prophet gave is pretty accurate, Terry. I'd also like to add some more input! You need two diplexors and a separator to connect to the receiver. How are you feeding TV 2? Is it with a split line from a diplexor or a direct cable?