how to program vizio remote to dish

how to program vizio remote to dish
stan asked this question 3 years ago
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    If you have the vizio manual, there is a section that tells you how and what code. if you cannot find your manual, respond and let me know and I will try to find mine and give you more info.
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      Point ur remote at the tv. Press & hold the tv button at the very very top till all 4 lites lite up. Then press the big red power button. Then press the channel up button slowly till ut tv turns off. Then press the pound (#) button. Know press the same big red power button 3 to 5 times or until ur tv comes back on. That's it
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      Sorry I answered wrong. Ur vizio remote will not program to r receiver. Not possible, u have to use r or u can buy a universality remote. Sorry.
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      If u do get this to work will u get back to me. My 11 years as a tech, I've never heard of a tv remote programming to r receiver. Hey they say u learn something new everyday. :)
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    Some TV brands do allow you to program the TV remote to control your DISH receiver. This will only work, however, if you are using the TV1 location (TV physically connected to the receiver) and if the remote is addressed to 1. So, if this is the case, hit the system info button on the front of the receiver and it will pull up the system info screen. If the Green TV1 icon has a number other than 1 in it then you must press and hold the SAT button until the lights light up and then press 1 and # and then record until the TV1 icon becomes a 1. Then consult the Vizio manual for the rest.
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    turn your tv on

    take dish remote and point at tv
    now hold the TV button (at very top) till all lights on top flashes
    push 627
    push #
    your TV button should flash 3 times
    now test your volume

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    they are correct above. if it's possible you will have to look in your vizio manual and then it will only be possible on tv1. if it's not then you can program the dish remote for the vizio tv with the code 773
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    This feature allows you to add devices to your HDTV and control them
    with your VIZIO remote control.

    This feature was also available during the
    initial Setup App.

    Note: The feature is not available in TV mode.

    Once the input source is changed from TV to the selected device input, the remote will control that device. Note: this option is not available when the Input
    Source is set to TV.

    Input Source

    Select the input source your device is connected to on your HDTV.
    Choose from TV, AV (Composite), Comp (Component), HDMI-1,
    HDMI-2, HDMI-3, HDMI Side, and RGB (VGA).


    Pick Device Type

    Select the type of device that is connected to your HDTV. Choose
    from VCR, DVD Player, Blu-Ray Player, Sat Receiver, Cable
    Box, DVR, or None.


    Pick Device Brand

    Select the brand name of the device that is connected to your
    HDTV. The brand names will vary based on the device type
    selected above.


    Confirm Remote Connection

    Automatically program the VIZIO remote control to allow it to
    control your device.
    1. Turn the device on.
    2. Point the VIZIO remote directly at the device.
    3. Press OK to select Confirm Remote Connection. The
    TV will attempt to communicate with the device.

    4. Point the VIZIO remote at the device and the press the
    Input power button. The device should turn off. If it does,
    select It worked and press OK. If it does not power off,
    select Try the Next Code. Repeat until you find a code
    that work