how to program hopper remote

how to program hopper remote
Mitch asked this question 3 years ago
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    On the front of your hopper, on the left side, press on the panel and it will open. Press the Sys Info button. When the screen pops up, point your remote directly at the hopper and press the SAT button. You should hear a beep and/or see on the screen that the remote is linked.
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      If you are trying to program it to work your tv this site explains how to do that
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    i always use this site when trying to help people
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    If you are attempting to program the remote to your television it is super easy on the Hopper/Joey; no more remembering codes! Select menu, remote manager. In the remote manager you can select television codes and have it search by brand. If that is proving difficult you can actually type in your television (or other device) model number. If you have a really oddball device you can program the remote using the original remote, it is all guided on screen. Super easy!
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    Press system info on the front of the dish box. Then when the screen appears hold down the sat button on the dish remote until all the buttons light up and the remote beeps.