How to connect and configure xbox 360 with dishnetwork receiver?

How to connect and configure xbox 360 with dishnetwork receiver?
Carl asked this question 4 years ago
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    The x box 360 does not have compatability with dish network receivers you will need to hook up your x box directly to the tv using the hdmi or component cables provided with your x box. If you would like our Dish services to instal it for you call 1 888 dish 123
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    They are not compatible together. Must go directly into tv. It's very easy to do yourself, there are instructions in the Xbox 360 box. If you call Dish to have them do it, they will charge yourself the cost and buy another game for yourself!!
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    Our receivers are not compatible with Xbox. But if what you want is to navigate the Internet while watching tv you can get our google tv for just $99.
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    Im sorry to say but there is nothing you can do to hook up the 360 to the Dish reciver. You need to connect it right to the TV useing one of your HDMI inputs.
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    The only receiver you can hook the Xbox 360 to is the 381 receiver ( single standard definition receiver ) the receiver has an RCA (red,white, yellow cables ) input in the back. Connect your RCA to video input in the back of the 381 receiver. While youre watching tv and decide to play Xbox, just click on the program guide, you ll see a input channel near channel 101, click on the input channel and you ll be viewing your Xbox.

    All other Dish receivers has only output connections, no input connections.

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    all you need to do is hook your x-bx directly to your tv.