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How to change tv to play DVD

How to change tv to play DVD
Peggy asked this question 8 months ago
  • Dishguru13

    Installed dish network for 3 years, installed wide open west, cable phone and internet for a year.

    Peggy there should be an input button on your remote, or it might say something else such as tv/vcr this button will cycle through your inputs, depending on how your DVD player is hooked up.

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  • KevinW

    I have many years in electronics but my most recent and current expertiese is in Dish network and other...

    First make sure you know the name of the input that your dvd player is hooked up to after that use our remote mode and press the inpit untill you find the right one

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  • Bob George

    12 years experience w Dish Network. Degree in Computer Science

    There are as many answers as there are different TV's. the other answers are correct.

    Do you remember the old Magnavox stereo consoles, that had an input dial. AM, FM, Phonograph , Tape? Modern TV's have replaced that with a menu often called "input".

    You have to tell the TV witch of the wires going into the back of the TV you want to receive a signal from.