How long after install can I cancel Dish Network without paying the ETF?

How long after install can I cancel Dish Network without paying the ETF? I am in North Carolina. I was told 3 days before installation and then told there is no grace period the day after installation when I tried to cancel.
joe asked this question 4 years ago
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    24 months &
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      Or if u choose it's $17.50 a month for every month u don't complete. They also charge u for postage to send the receivers back. Hope this helps
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    Unfortunately there is not grace period so if you don't want dish you can pay the cancellation fee which is $17.50 per month remaining in your contract or if you have a friend or family member that would like dish you can transfer the account to somebody else.
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    there are specific conditions where you may be allowed to cancel your contract without paying the cancellation fee. you should call 1800333dish and talk to the loyalty team to see if you qualify. otherwise you signed the contract and are bound
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    Unless you were misinformed as to channel availability, equipment to be installed, or some other breach of contract you are in. What makes you want to cancel?
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    check your state laws on buyers remorse, in california it's 3 days. it varies state to state.
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    Tivosat is correct but very few states have that law,. Basically, you signed a 24 month contract and Dish is very good at holding you to it., If it is a technical issue or if there was something your were promised and didn't get, call 1-888-884-2471 and ask to speak with the customer loyalty team. We really hate to lose a customer when it's something we can fix. Good Luck!!
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    unfortunately, once yuo sign the 2 year contract, yuo are bound by it.

    you can try to talk to the loyalty department to what they can do.

    good luck.