How does Dish's Hopper work?

How does Dish's Hopper work?
Al asked this question 3 years ago
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    the biggest advantage of the hopper/joey system is that it allows multiple hd hookups.

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    U need the internet hooked up to it to get maximum use out of it..Also
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      If u don't have the internet hooked up just call us Dish Network at 1-800-333-3474 and have them come out and do this... Let me know what else u need help on, I would be glad to help....Thank u....
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    Is a whole home DVR so each room you hook up will have a DVR and HD picture also the hard drive is 2 terabyte so you will have about 250 hours of recording time in HD.
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    HD DVR. On 4 tvs.
    Only 3 tuners, 4th tv is a mirror image.
    250 hours of HD recording.
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    it's all based on MOCA technology, multi-media over coax. you can read all about it at