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How do I stop shows from recording automatically on my dvr?

How do I stop shows from recording automatically on my dvr?
Kira asked this question 1 year ago
  • Dish Network • 36 answers • 80% helpful

    You need to go to the timers and delete.them, you can keep.what already has been recorded, if it is the hopper you need settings, dvr defaults, then primetime and turn it off if thats what your.talking about, also what.type of dvr do you have

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    If you are using the hopper system then you are most likely experience the daily recordings of prime time anything (PTA). If this is correct you will need to wait until your system is no longer working and go in the menu option to disable the pta records that accord evernight on the local networks. MENU- SETTINGS- DVR DEFAULTS- PRIMETIME ANYTIME-Select DO Not Enable. This will stop the daily PTA records from going on automatically.
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    • Dish Network • 520 answers • 92% helpful

      NoN- hopper using. You will need to press dvr 2 times and then select the Timers. SO dvr x2 and then timers. Once you on the timers list click edit and delete all the timers. This does not delete anything you've previously recorded. It simply stops all future records until you set up a new timer. Hope this helps