How do I recover deleted programs on my DISH DVR?

How do I recover deleted programs on my DISH DVR?
Bob asked this question 3 years ago
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    I am sorry, once deleted you cannot recover them.
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      in the future, you may concider a external hard disk drive to expand your storage.
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    When its gone its gone. Sorry bout that
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    Sorry that your recordings cannot be recovered. Depending on what youve lost you can find thousands of tv shows, series and movies by going to and by having your reciever box connected to the internet. If your reciever is already connected to your internet you can press your dvr button, select all movies and all TV shows to search. If you have anything lost that was recorded from HBO or cinemax it can be viewed at and I recommend to everyone to use an external hard drive as its a great for back up and adding extra storage space. If you are an excessive recorder like myself, its well worth the purchase.

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    Once there deleted there gone. Go to and there is some info that tells u how to download ur recordings to a hard drive. Or u can call dish at 1-800-333-3474 & they will assit u.