how do i program the dish remote to my jvc tv for on/off and volume control

I had to replace a tv in my kids room and would like to know how to program the remote to operate power on and off and volume control.
Micha asked this question 4 years ago
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    You can do a power scan if you do not have the codes. Turn the TV on manually. Press and hold the TV botton on top of the remote until all the mode light illuminate. Next hit the power button then press the up arrow button on the remote until the TV shuts off. Press pound.. Your remote is programmed. Be sure to hit the SAT button after the pound button to ensure the remote is set to control the SAT system.

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    that link is step by step.. easy
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    also if you have the book that came with your reciever it has all the codes and a step by step in the back of the book
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