how do i program my dish remote to turn on and off my samsung tv.

how do i program my dish remote to turn on and off my samsung tv....
lester asked this question 3 years ago
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    press, and hold the TV mode button until all the lights come on, then release (TV mode light will flash)
    press and release the Power button (TV mode light will be on steady)
    now press, and release the channel up slowly and repeatedly until TV turns off (TV mode light will go off then back on with each push)
    when the TV turns off, press and release the # button on the remote to lock in the code

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    Turn TV and receiver on.
    Find the brand name of the
    TV listed in the code tables
    that start on page 11.
    Press and hold TV
    POWER until red light
    comes on. Release TV
    POWER. Red light blinks.
    Enter a three-digit TV
    code (see page 11) that
    corresponds to your TV
    brand, using the number
    buttons on the remote’s
    number pad. Red light
    remains on after entering
    the code.
    Press and release OK.
    Red light blinks three
    times. here is all the codes 506 516 523 564 601 627
    653 654 655 658 680 684
    702 707 717 718 738 755
    761 794 833 858 897 926
    933 990 999

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    Go through this link, find code

    then follow what tivosat told you.