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how do i hook my dvd player up

how do i hook my dvd player up
paula asked this question 2 years ago
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    Accepted answer
    Connect DVD player directly into the TV. Based on what connections your DVD player except would be the best option. You will want connect RCA cables (red,yellow,and white), HDMI, or coaxial (standard black cable that screws on with needle end) running from the player to the TV. For coax you will need to tune to the TV to channel 3/4 fir picture. If you don't use thecoax then you will need turn on your dvd pkayer and repeatively press the input/source on TV set or TV remote until you have found the correct input that displays your DVD player.
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    Go from ur receiver to ur tv, that's the only way to hook up DVD players to our newer receivers. If its DVD player & tv is HD use a HDMI wire.
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      If its not HD use RCA jack (red, white & yellow) or coax (RG-6) wire. Let me know if u need more help with this.
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    The best way is straight to the tv using RCA or hdmi cables
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